Dementia Meeting
Centre in Malvern


Malvern Dementia Meeting Centre is a local resource offering support to people with mild to moderate dementia and their families.

The Dementia Meeting Centre is a social club where people affected meet in a safe, relaxed environment to have fun, talk to others and to adjust to the changes in their lives.

We meet Tuesdays each week from 10am – 3pm
at the The Ascension Church Hall, Somers Park Avenue, Malvern WR14 1XA

Come along to a free taster session 11-12

The Ascension Hall is next to The Church of The Ascension at the top of Somers Park Avenue

 Parking is available in the road, outside the Hall

People enjoy music at the Dementia Meeting Centre, Ascension Church Hall

What we offer at Malvern Dementia Meeting Centre

Research has proven that engaging activities and socialisation help people cope well in adjusting to living with dementia. Here is what we offer:

Theraputic activities

We offer a wide variety of activities, including fun and engaging cognitive stimulation, music and sing-alongs, arts and crafts and gentle exercise.


Whether you drop in for a couple of hours or stay for the day, you can be assured of a cuppa, a warm welcome and support from our team.

Timeout for carers

Carers are welcome to stay, talk to those who care, and enjoy being with their loved one in a relaxed environment or to pop out for some personal time in which to relax, recharge, or run errands

How much does it cost?

50% of the daily allowance
The cost of attending the Meeting Centre is subsidised and
set at a level to enable everyone to attend

Morning only session


  • RTuesday
  • RDuration 2.5 hours
  • RDrinks, snacks included
  • RActivities
  • R10am - 12.30pm

Full Day



  • RTuesday
  • RDuration 5 hours
  • RLunch, drinks, snacks included
  • RAll activities including singing
  • R10am - 3pm

Memory Lane Singers only



  • RTuesday
  • RDuration 1.5 hours
  • RIncludes a session planned according to the Alzheimers Society Singing for the Brain model followed by a cuppa. This session is open to anyone who is interested in singing for mental and physical health.
  • R1.30pm - 3pm

Please note that we will warn you of occasional planned closures and special occasions such as trips or events that may involve a change to your regular routine.

Recent events and upcoming ones

Watch as we contruct our Well Dressing
For the Malvern Well Dressing Festival

 What people say

These are some of the kind comments
people have left for us

“We had no support at all, no idea what to do. I feel like a window has opened”

“It’s lovely coming here, all the people are so kind, and interesting”.

“It’s great to have somewhere we can come and not worry about anything”.

Make an Enquiry

Please use the form to make an enquiry, and Es, our Dementia Centre Manager will contact you.

    Contact info

    We are based at The Ascension Church Hall in Somers Park Avenue

    Phone number


    The Ascension Church Hall
    Somers Park Avenue,
    Malvern WR14 1XA

    Have questions?
    Please contact the office or drop in at a session for a chat.


    Centre hours

    Tuesday & Thursday: 10 am – 3 pm